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Celebrating 72nd Anniversary Of US. Women’s Equality Day

Business Women Who Broke The Glass Ceiling

August 26th marks 72 years since women were legally allowed to vote in the US. Women’s Equality Day is a significant turning point in the history of the struggle for equal treatment of women and women’s rights. In celebration, we decided to look at some of the most successful women in business and how they made their millions (or in some cases, billions!).

The barriers to progress for women in the workforce are troubling. How organizations deal with these barriers in the future will determine how our societies progress. After all, why would you want to ignore nearly half of the world’s workforce? It’s time to celebrate the achievements of those who are paving the way for our future female leaders, CEO’s, scientists, bankers, journalists and media moguls.

In this infographic, we’ll show you some interesting facts about the current state of women in the workplace, gender equality and the pay gap. We’ll also give you some lesser known facts about the inspirational women we’ve chosen to profile, with information on their most prolific achievements. If you’re in need of some girl power or motivation, then look no further than these business women who broke the mould.

Celebrating 72nd Anniversary Of US. Women’s Equality Day
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