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Climate Change News: Seven Countries that Said 'Good Bye' to Fossil Fuels And Now Use 100% Clean Energy

We Need Clean Energy For Our Future Now

When Trump took office, he promised that he would eliminate all the regulations imposed by former President Obama to prevent oil companies from damaging the environment. Just last week, he signed the order to rescind these actions which were done by the previous administration.

China has done the exact opposite. They have suffered from grave environmental problems in recent years. The pollution level in the air of Beijing and other key cities are beyond what is allowed for people to breathe. As a result, they have taken a more active stance in fighting global warming.

It takes personal experience to make the right move. This is exactly what happened with China. For smaller countries that have eliminated fossil fuels and used alternative energy, they need not reach the point that they have to suffer before doing anything. They know that as a small country, they can be easily wiped out of the map if they don't do actions right now.

The US might try to go the opposite direction and wait until they suffer from massive natural disasters again, but there are several countries that have already progressed. This is great news as we are at a point of no return. If we don't combat global warming now, it could be too late to do anything later.

The Infographic below shows the countries that have successfully eliminated fossil fuels and used alternative energy to power-houses and companies. There should be more countries following the lead.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels Run 100% on Clean

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