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Could SmartWatches Be The Future Of Wearable Technology Fashion?

Following the release of the Apple Watch, 2015 looks more than ever to be the year that smartwatches reach a mainstream audience. Watches traditionally have been worn for fashion as well as practicality and the latest generation from tech manufacturers are looking to try to bridge that gap for the first time. Apple have even made inroads into the high end luxury market with the release of Apple Watch "Edition" which sports a gold case and starts at $10,000. The concept of a smartwatch is not new as manufacturers have seen the potential for decades but haven't had access to the technology required to make their pieces either desirable or functional. In our Infographic we look at the development of the smartwatch since the turn of the millennium and ask if this latest generation mean that this is a gadget that is really here to stay.

Could SmartWatches Be The Future Of Wearable Technology Fashion?
Can Smartwatches Become The Future Of Wearable Technology by Watches2U

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Could SmartWatches Be The Future Of Wearable Technology Fashion? - Newscast

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