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Health News

Health Report: Discover The Amazing Effects Of Pets On Human Health

Discover The Amazing Effects Of Pets On Human Health

Long-term scientific observations over people and pets showed that pets in most cases have a significant impact on their owners, changing them out of all recognition. Moreover, the nature of the changes largely depends on what kind of animal dwells in your house. Scientists agree on only one thing: four-footed pets make a person more responsible, calm and happy.

For many people cats, dogs and other fauna are full family members who feel all the conditions of their owner: joy, grief or nervousness. Animals often become domestic healers, saving people from various diseases. Let's analyze the influence of pets on our body and life.


Cats are the most common pets. These wonderful fluffy creatures can take the heat off and lower blood pressure. In addition, they contribute to the prevention of myocardial infarction, hypertension and stroke. Their purr is called ultrasound treatment. It’s believed that the sounds that they emit help a person relax after a hard working day, relieve tension, get rid of depressed mood. Also purring helps to accelerate wound healing and increase bone density. Cats produce a positive effect in the treatment of visceral diseases, as well as relieve radicular, osteochondrosis and arthritis pain.

Also, it has been found when looking for a human mate online, try this little trick. Choose an avatar or a picture of yourself with a cat, when posting a personal dating ad on the internet, and this will significantly increase you the chance to meet a single lady.


A dog is a true friend who brings happiness and joy, which means that a good mood will be present at your house all year round. Since dogs need constant walks, people who keep them practically don’t suffer from hypodynamia, blood pressure changes, insomnia and migraine. In addition, when walking, a person takes the air, actively moves, and therefore burns extra calories.

To get rid of spasms, a person needs to pat a four-footed friend only 5 minutes. Dog's saliva contains a natural antibiotic lysozyme, which has a positive effect on the healing of wounds, burns and scratches. Dog hair also has wonderful properties, for example, woolen belts save a person from joint diseases.

Aquarium Fish

Observation of aquarium fish relieves stress. That's why doctors usually advise people suffering neuroses and depression to buy an aquarium. Also, aquarium fish evoke feelings of joy and well-being, contribute to increase in the intelligence level, help avoid serious life mistakes and even strengthen family relations. But there's more to come! The aquarium perfectly adjusts microclimate, and evaporating water moistens the air, makes it useful and easy to breathe, which is extremely important for the prevention of asthma and colds.


Communication with them helps insecure people to overcome asociality, defeat complexes and stage fright. In addition, hamsters, mice and rabbits treat joint diseases, and white rats "specialize" in neuroses.


Winged friends spiritualize and soothe a person, charge with cheerfulness and optimism. Watch the birds - and you will see that they never lose heart and constantly busy with something.

Bird watching relaxes and saves from emotional disruptions. Melodious singing has a beneficial effect on the psyche and helps prepare for sleep.

Children and Pets

The presence of pets also affects children. It is established that in a house where there are animals, children are less likely to suffer from colds and allergic reactions, but sometimes they have an allergy to the pet's fur, which negatively affects the health of the child. In addition, four-footed friends help kids find spiritual harmony, children grow more sociable and equable.

Therefore, people who don’t imagine living together with pets should first of all think about the benefits they bring to us and our loved ones.

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