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US History Information Flyer: Presidential Interior Design, White House Renovations: Infographic

This infographic shows the tremendous changes the White House has undergone through the decades; embracing new interior design styles while letting them sit comfortably next to some antique furniture that has been in the White House for decades. As you'll see by this infographic rugs are far more than functional flooring coverings that give comfort underfoot. Although they do just that, they're also used to make a statement and what better place to make a visual statement than the White House? It is common practice that each President is allocated their own renovation budget to enable them to add his mark, so to speak, on interior design aspects. Many choose, or their 1st lady does, a new design for the rug in this famous room during their time in the Oval Office. The rug itself is one subtle method of letting the world have a visual representation behind their ideologies reflecting the era and personality of each President while they are in office.

White House Renovations Rugs & Interior Design
White House Renovations Rugs & Interior Design by The Rug Seller .

Note - was given this infographic by The Rug Seller in the the UK. RobinsPost thought it would be of interest to you and was not paid to post this information.

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US History: Presidential Interior Design, White House Renovations: Infographic - Newscast

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