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The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs: Infographic

Lairs offer superheroes both sanctuary and the perfect conditions to research their latest foe. From underground vaults, an observatory and rainbow bridge to the more mundane bed, private quarters and gymnasium; these lairs offer superheroes all they need to both recuperate and to investigate an imminent attack. So we have compiled a list of the ultimate superhero lairs, along with an extensive list of all you need to recreate the lair in your own bedroom. Some are definitely easier than others, but should you have the time, money and inclination then follow this ticklist to recreate your favourite superheroes lair.
The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs
The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs by Terrys Fabrics.
Note - RobinsPost was given this infographic by in the the UK. RobinsPost thought it would be of interest to you and was not paid to post this information.

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The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs: Infographic - Newscast

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